Monday, August 18, 2008

Because I'm a sap...

...and because I'm a SENIOR!!!!

...and because I wanted my sisters to see how I looked on my first day of my senior year (especially so Steph can see my new vest!!!)

...and because I wanted my Daddy to see his baby girl leaving for her senior year

...and because I only get to live it once, might as well document it!!!

Yes, I did take a picture of my shoes

Getting ready for my first day of senior year

Excited for my fist day!

My BFF/cousin/sister, Lo

My other best friend, Lauren W.


Lon & Steph said...

You look SO adorable!! And the vest is to die for, so cute. Hope your day went well!

Cee Cee said...

Crazy cute! I want to be twins and buy the same exact's soooo adorable on you!!!! Hope the rest of your senior year is as awesome as your first day! Try to enjoy it. Like you said, you only get to do it once. Love you!

Britt and Brett said...

HOW CUTE ARE YOU! you make me miss high school way too much. Come back to Tx and visit soon!

Robin said...

I sure miss you..Enjoy your senior year..I love you