Sunday, September 7, 2008

So this one time at choir camp...

(I'm told this quote comes from a bad movie that I have not seen by the way, but it was the quote we used all weekend long, so I had to use it!)

This past weekend I had a choir retreat with my advanced woman's choir- Prima Voce up at Buckhorn camp. It was way cold but we had a blast being very silly and singing our vocal cords out. There are so many girls in the choir that I absolutely adore! It was a really nice break to get out with so many girlfriends because basically all I do anymore is homework, studying, seminary and school! So I appreciated the weekend even though it's great to be back to my own bed and clean showers! :)

It was really foggy when we got there and kind of creapy actually!

All the Girls in my cabin out on the balcony

Me and Nicole, I love her!

Dance Party!!!

By the end of the weekend we were really tired but it was worth it!!!


Stacie said...

How fun! Oh how I love my "girl time"!

Robin said...

Ok im waiting.......update and call me

Rachel said...

* made blog private... need email address...