Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

I got to go home for memorial day weekend which was really nice! I got home Thursday night and had been craving Quodoba for forever (since Rexburg has no real food) so I went and picked up dinner and met up with Jon!!! It was SO great to get to see him again! :) Friday morning I got ready and went out for a day with the girls. Mom, the sisters and I spent the day in Denver wedding dress shopping! Sadly, Steph wasn't able to make it for the weekend and she was greatly missed! We did, however, spend most of the day texting or calling her getting her opinion on lots of things! I found the PERFECT dress! It was like the 4th of 5th dress I tried on but we kept trying on dresses for a bit just to make sure. By lunch time we'd narrowed it down to just a few dresses and decided to take a break for lunch. We went to On the Border (yumm!!!), hit another dress shop, but then headed back because I was missing "my" dress. We tried on the ones that were still main contenders, but THE dress was still THE dress! Once I put it back on, I refused to take it off. We then played with veils and tiaras and then were looking at bridesmaid dresses and I just walked around the store in my dress. I didn't EVER want to take it off! The day was total success and I had a blast with my girls! Jon and I had a fun date planned for the night, but we were both too tired so we were going to rent a movie and just hang out, but ended up hanging out with his roommates and their girlfriends which was totally fun. The next day Courtney came into town and we spent the day running more wedding errands. That night Jon and I grabbed dinner and took it up to Horsetooth for a picnic. It was the first place he told me he loved me, so it was really fun to go back up there. Sunday I drug Jon to the ward I grew up in and got to introduce him to all my people which was so fun. After church we went down to Colorado springs to see Jon's family and meet his brand new baby nephew (pics to come when I get memory card adapter). Monday we got up and CeeCee came in to town to take our engagement pictures! She did an AMAZING job and we all had a blast! Thank you SO much CeeCee and Mommy for helping us with those :) ! Afterward we went out to Greeley for a memorial day BBQ at CeeCee's and got to make s'mores which is just about my favorite thing in the world. I hated going back to school on Tuesday, but I'd really missed my roommates and it was good to see them. I miss my family, and can't wait to come home again! Hope you all had a fabulous memorial day weekend too!