Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Young Woman Recognition

Sunday evening I recieved my Young Woman Medallion fo finishing Personal Progress. It felt really good to be done with personal progress! I've been working on it for 5 years, so it feels great to have it completed! It was my first taste of all the things to come in the next month. I'm done with school in 3 weeks, I graduate from High School on the 23rd of May, and then from Seminary on May 24th! It's pretty exciting but it's getting harder everyday to make it to classes, I just want to be done! I look forward to graduation but I sure wish the rest of the family could be here!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lizzy's Ice Competition!

This past weekend Lizzy competed in the Ft. Collins classic at epic. She competed in synchro, artistic, and ice dance and did an amazing job! My mom was working at the ice rink basically all weekend so I was in charge of getting her ready for her competitions. I picked her up from school and she helped me answer my prom date :) and then we got her ready, got all her stuff together, went and picked up some dinner for ourselves and to bring to my mom and got her to the icerink. Friday night was the synchro competition and they did a great job! They skated a clean program and ended up getting 2nd place (although honestly they should have gotten 1st, the team that got 1st had a fall and didn't skate a very good program), but they were very happy with their performance.

Here's Lizz in her synchro outfit with her 2nd place medal! She was happy!

After her synchro performance I took her home and after she got showered I put her hair in curlers for her saturday performances. My poor mom didn't get get home until like 10:30 after being at the icerink

On saturday morning Lizz and I got up at about 6 (my mom was already at the icerink) and got her ready for her artistic performance. We got to the rink at about 7 and Lizzy was all made up but I hadn't even run a brush through my hair (Lizzy's hair took longer than expected). Lizz performed "These boots are made for walking" and absolutely oozed attitude and it was AMAZING! She took 2nd place which is awesome and means that she qualified for the competition Colorado Springs! Yay! Courtney and her girls even made it out for the competition, thanks guys!

After the artistic performance, Brett and I ate dippin dots for breakfast, and Lizz had an ice dance competions. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it, but she had the most beautiful lines I have ever seen! It was awesome! Overall it was a great competition and we're very excited for Colorado Springs!

In other news!!! I got a half tuition scholarship for my first semester at BYUI where I will be attending in the fall! I am very excited, but not quite excited as my parents I think! ;)