Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Aunt EVER!

So, this past weekend we have been in Texas for our family reunion. We got here friday afternoon and the 4th book (breaking dawn) of the absolute BEST series ever, Twilight, came out at midnight on friday night/saturday morning. Well, Aunt Robin being the amazing Aunt that she is, took me out to Walmart at midnight so we could both get the book. Texas is an hour later than Colorado so I got the book an hour before all my sisters and friends (HAHA!) I had a REALLY amazing time with Robin being able to talk about the book and other things in my life. She's the best Aunt any girl could ask for! I have a picture of us picking up the book that I'll put up as soon as I get the chance to download the pictures from my memory stick! I am really lucky to know that I have an Aunt that cares so much about me and I know I could alway turn to for help. Robin, I promise to make good choices and not to let you down! I love you!

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Robin said...

I love you. I miss you guys. I really wished we lived closer.