Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If it's smoking it's cooking, If it's black it's done... if it's on fire it's....?

My Grandad always told us when it comes to food; "if it's smoking it's cooking, if it's black it's done". Well what about if your food is on fire?

Brett made an AWESOME dinner for us tonight! He got ribs out of the feezer this morning and soaked them in something that smelled amazing and then made garlic potatoes and green beans. Well he was a little bit worried about the ribs being cooked through entirely so we went outside to the grill to check them and this is what we found...

Our ribs had somehow caught on fire! We're not really sure how? Dinner was great though! Thanks Brett!


Lon and Steph said...

HAHAHA...that is awesome! Anything that turns out like that at our house is either, "chargrilled", "cajun" or "blackened". "Don't worry, I meant for it to be like that..." And at least it was outside. We had a fire in our oven today! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! And P.S. it's only $200ish right now :)

Cee Cee said...

That's how the Texans cook things!

P.S. Why wasn't I invited for this fabulous meal? We are eating cold cereal and PB&J's around here on account that we don't have a kitchen!!!