Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brett and Britt Move In!

So my cousins, Brett, Brittany and they're darling baby boy Calan have moved in with us! They got here last night after a very long car drive! We are SO excited to have them! Today Courtney and CeeCee and there families came into town around lunch time and after about 2 hours (no joke) of debating where to eat, what sounded good to everyone, where had enough seating for us, if the kids could sit down long enough to eat.... we FINALLY decided on Olive Garden with all 18 and a half of us! It was a blast. Then we came back to the house and had a lovely round of rock band on the wii. It's been an absolute blast to have them! Now we just need to get Robin & Rick, Rachel & Haylee, and Aaron & Kim to move out here! What do you say guys?

Holding Calan while his mommy and daddy got ready

Avery's first time holding Calan. He fell asleep in her arms almost as soon as she picked him up. It was cute!

Courtney LOVED holding the new baby! I sure hope she doesn't get too addicted the idea of a new baby... I think 4 is enough (just kidding court, love you!

It was a miracle! Daxton loved playing with Brett! And Daxton is not exactly a super social child.

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Lon and Steph said...

...we kinda would like to move too...