Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow Day!

It started snowing last thursday as I headed off to seminary. When I walked out of seminary I was surprised by the amount of snow on my car. I quickly climbed in to escape the weather and rushed (safely) home so I could crawl back in to my warm bed. It was a "CSAP" day (CSAP is Colorado's standard testing but you only have to take them up until your sophmore year) so I didn't have to be to school until 12:20. My mom and I had special plans to go to Chilis just the 2 of us and enjoy some yummy fajitas. I woke up around 9, worked out, and then was getting ready to head to chilis and then go to school. When I got out of the shower I had a text from Lauren asking if I was driving the truck to school since the weather was so bad. A couple minutes later my mom got a text from Lizzie saying that there school was letting out early and my mom left to pick her up. Momments after that we got a call from my school notifying everyone that school was letting out at 12. I was thrilled because that meant I didn't have to go to school at all, but I still had my heart set and chili's fajitas so we made it a whole family thing and me, my mom, Lizzie, Brett, Brittany and Calan all ventured into the storm to get chilis.

Here's the 3 of us at Chilis!

After Chili's we all (minus Mom and plus Lauren) went outside to try to build a snowman. We quickly learned that the snow was too dry for that so it became a snow mound. Well, while we had a pile of perfectly good snow, Lizz and I decided we should take pictures in it. But not in our snow suits, in our swimsuits and open-toed high heels!

Surprisingly, it was not that cold because we only spent a couple of minutes out there in the snow. And totally worth the memories!

After our pictures we decided to make something out of our mound and attempted a snowman again but instead it became a snow dog!

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