Sunday, March 1, 2009

Notice: Holy Ghost has been spotted!!!

This past thursday I went out to watch Courtney's 3 youngest kids for her so her and Steve could take Avery to a movie. I was a little worried because Avery is usually my helper when I'm watching their kids. But when Courtney and Steve left it seemed like it was going to be a pretty easy night... I was wrong. When they left Chasen was asleep and Brielle, Dax and I were playing. Brie was sitting on my lap and we were joking around and Daxton was laughing at us, so I though it was going to go pretty smoothly,... until I turned and made direct eye contact with Dax. As soon as I did that he started screaming and I had to leave the room and let Brielle talk to him until I could army crawl my way back in. Once I did this he seemed somewhat ok as long as I sat under the table where he couldn't see me and I didn't say anything. I thought the kids might be more entertained outside so I picked up Daxton from behind where he couldn't see my face and quietly walked outside and he was fine playing with his sister. Well, I soon realized that Dax and I could be friends as long as I was wearing my sunglasses and we were outside (no direct eye contact allowed with this kid). So after we got bored jumping on the tramp, Dax and I sat on the deck and watched Brie drawing with chalk on the patio. At this time the sun was starting to set and it cast our shadows against the wall. Brielle thought this was pretty cool and she turned to me and said, pointing at her shadow "look Mary, It's my Holy Ghost!" Then she pointed at my shadow and said "It's your holy ghost!"

That made me laugh for a good 20 minutes and deffinatley made the whole night worth it! I sure love those kids!!

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Lon and Steph said...

Haha that is a classic! Kids are priceless, what can you say :)