Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Baby Ultrasound

Jon and I really enjoyed our first married Easter. We decided that since it will be our last major holiday before the baby will be here that we were going to go all out and really enjoy some time just the two of us. We got up in the morning and gave each other our Easter baskets in bed.

In my basket (in addition to lots of goodies including a giant diet Dr. Pepper) was a single egg with a poem inside leading me on a treasure hunt around the house to find the rest of my treats. It was really cute and my final treasure was an Ulta gift card. Which may be the greatest thing ever! After the treasure hunt Jon made breakfast while I got ready for church (I love being married!). After church we headed out to Greeley to spend the day with my family. We had a FABULOUS Easter dinner and then the kids did an Easter egg hunt. It was cold and rainy so it really didn't last for very long. But overall, it was a fabulous and low key Easter.

Monday morning was our ultrasound! My 2 older sisters and my Mom came along with us to the ultrasound so it was a blast to have everyone there! I woke up Monday morning with my tummy in knots. I was so nervous about it. And on top of that I had to drink 40 oz of water and hold it, so by the time I got to the ultrasound I had to pee SO bad. Check in was at 9:15 so my poor sisters had to leave Greeley before 8:45. We had the entire day planned out: we were going to find out gender, go out shopping for baby clothes, and then have lunch. Well we got in to the ultrasound and got to see babies little legs and arms and face... and nothing. Baby would NOT show us gender. It looked very squished in there, it's legs were tucked up underneath it. The ultrasound tech took some pictures and measurements and tried multiple times to figure out gender, but baby was just to squished to tell. So finally she let me go relieve my bladder and try again. There was absolutely NO way I was leaving without knowing gender. The day was planned around finding out gender. After peeing we tried again. Immediately we were able to tell... IT'S A BOY! And there is no "Oh, it's probably a boy". I am having a son! Jon was pretty excited. I think he'll really enjoy having a little boy to through around a ball with. We were able to continue with our plans for the day and go out shopping. I found a couple of cute things for my little munchkin. I'm so excited for him to get here, but I guess I should keep cooking him for the next 19 and half weeks.

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Travis and Sydney said...

I'm so excited!! I love little baby Blake :)))