Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Update on Life in The Burg...

Hello Everyone!

Things are pretty crazy right now! I'm down the the last week and a half of school. I have a portfolio for my infant and toddler class due on Thursday, a test for my math class to take over the weekend, my CIT final on tuesday, a magazine form of articles for my english class due on wednesday, a math takehome test due on wednesday, a BOM final on wed, and on top of all of this I have to move all by my self for the first time. For the past 2 weeks my roommates and I have been searching for a storage unit. We finally found one, but the person we were talking to weren't willing to give us the advertised price, so we spent a decent amount of the day on the phone trying to get the correct price. Well, we finally have a storage unit and i'm going to start moving things in on Thursday (Mommy's birthday! :) ). I honestly have no idea how to move OUT of an apartment. I bought a few plastic tubs to store my stuff in, but it was hard to try to guesstimate what size tubs I would need. It's a new experience, and a stressful (but exciting one). I can't wait to be back in Colorado and with my family! Although I am deffinately going to miss the Burg and the people here

Happy Holiday Everyone!


Sydney said...

ummmm you better miss me!

Courtney said...

Can't wait to have you home!!!!
LOVE you!!!!!