Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Senior Ditch Day!

A while back we had "Senior Ditch Day" on a monday which usually wouldn't mean much but the fam had had a somewhat rough weekend and Lizzy had the day off, so we decided we'd take off as a family and head up to Estes. Britt, Brett, and Calan even came with us. We ate lunch and walked around the shops. It was awesome day to be up there! We even walked around the Stanley hotel which was pretty cool. We even made a reservation to stay there the night before the 4th of July which is awesome because we always spend th 4th of July in Estes and it will be my last 4th of July with the family for a while. I'm excited about it! Here are a few pics from our day in Estes!

Britt, Calan and I at lunch. Apparently Calan got a little distracted

Daddy and I hanging out in Estes. Like my new sunglasses?

The fam in Estes. I love this picture of us!


Courtney said...

Your fam!?! You're missing like 2/3 of the fam!!! ;0) Sorry we missed the action!

Lon and Steph said...

Us too :) That is a very cute picture, by the way.

Marbear said...

Well, obviously I was just including the incredibly small portion of us that still live at home. It gets confusing having to verify all the bits of the family that were there. But we missed all of you!