Monday, January 5, 2009

My Holiday Season

So! It has been forever since I've posted. My laptop crashed and I lost all my files and everything so I haven't been able to update for a while. So here's my update on everything since Thanksgiving!

Every year my choir and the other top choir put on a performance we call "Feast of Carols". There's a dinner included and and we put on some skits and sing, This year, I wrote and starred in the skit for my choir and wrote one of the songs. Here's a picture of me and my girlfriend Nicole backstage.

After feast of Carols we had a girls night. We drove down to Centerra and got dessert and appetizers from On the Border and then watched enchanted. We all kind of matched though, on accident. It was pretty funny!

My mom and I did most of the Christmas decorating this year. I really cherished the memories because I realized that this could be the last year I'm home for decorating.

Feast of carols wasn't the only holiday concert I had. I also sang in the "Stocking" which is the big concert we put on at the Lincoln Center. But there are a LOT of choirs and bands that perform so we had a lot of time backstage and got a little bored.

After all of my crazy performances, Lizzy had a concert that was really similair to my feast of carols. She was a dancer and did a great job!

Then Lauren and I made a ginger bread house...

And after the gingerbread house Lauren and I fought with the icing

The Tuesday before Christmas, we went to a holiday party at Courts. lauren and I were proud of our outfits!

Brielle and I speant Christmas Eve tracking santa from the internet. Amazing the things technology can do!

And we all got matching robes for christmas!

This year for New Years we went down to boulder for a party at my friend Nicole's sisters house. Most of the fun was in getting ready, but we had a lot of fun during the party dancing the night away and being all dressed up!

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