Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kayla Marie Adsit

1 year ago today my friend Kayla was killed in a tragic car accident. Her best friend, Mayan, was driving the car. Mayan was hurt, but only speant one day in the hospital. It was a beautiful, sunny friday afternoon when she was killed. My 4th hour of the day had been cancelled, so I was waiting by the choir doors for my mom. Kayla and Mayan were trying out for a solo for the choir I was in with them. As they left school that day they walked by me, we had a conversation. I told them that they sounded great and we talked about our weekends. As they left school we exchanged "have a good weekend" and "see you Mondays"s. That night Kayla was killed. I miss her a lot. I hurt for her family and Mayan and others also hurt by this accident. RIP Kayla Marie Adsit.

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Robin said...

You really understand how fragile life is. 2 people you know have been killed in car accidents. Just keep yourself safe. I love you